Cloud Technology As A Support For The ETL Process And Its Influence On Decision Making.

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 National Technological University of South Lima, Lima, Perú

2 Private University of the North, Lima, Perú

3 National University of Huancavelica, Huancavelica, Perú


There are many important points in the digital transformation of organizations today that decisions must be accurate, and the data warehouse ETL process and its underlying concepts help interpret them and enhance corporate interpretive strategic planning. Purpose: The objective is to understand the importance of the impact of the ETL process on decision making. Materials and methods: The methodological cut-off points between two methods (Kimball, Immon) by different methods depend on the requirements and benefits of system recovery. A literature review on the subject was conducted to search and reference scientific articles. Development: The ETL process works in the same way as information is reconstructed and made accessible. For this reason, new data sources and models also require specific validation based on the business rules of each organization. Considering the ETL process associated with modern business intelligence, we can observe the different applications of these concepts in a variety of disciplines, from mathematical and scientific rules to organizational business rules. The end result: you can get a solid partnership that makes decisions more realistic and transformational when running BI, and gives you new metrics, such as analyzed data. keyword. ETL, Kimball's method, Power BI, data. Different applications of these concepts can be seen in fields as diverse as mathematical sciences to organization-specific business rules. Conclusion: business intelligence makes decisions more realistic and offers strong partnerships, including new metrics that can be acquired, such as data transformation and data analysis. keywords. ETL, Kimball Methodology, Power BI, Data. Different applications of these concepts can be observed in fields as diverse as mathematical sciences or organization-specific business rules. The bottom line: Doing your business intelligently makes your decisions more realistic and gives you solid associations as new metrics you can retrieve, such as transformed and analyzed data. keyword. ETL, Kimball methods, Power BI, data.