Impacto Del Modelo De Madurez En La Sostenibilidad De La Gestión De Proyectos Impact Of The Maturity Model On The Sustainability Of Project Management

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur

2 Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

3 Universidad Nacional del Callao

4 Universidad Privada del Norte


In this research, the lack of inclusion of the maturity model in the sustainability of project management was considered as a problem. In this sense, the objective was to determine the impact of the Maturity Model on the sustainability of project management in the National Fund for the Development of Peruvian Education, for which the variable Sustainability of Project Management and its dimensions were considered: Institutional Sustainability and Life Cycle Sustainability. After analyzing the problem and dealing with the theoretical part, the design and application of the maturity model was carried out, obtaining as a result the increase of the sustainability index of project management; before the application of the model, this index was 23%, which represents a low degree, while after applying the model it reached 56%, which represents a degree of sustainability equivalent to high intermediate. Finally, it is concluded that there is a significant impact between the maturity model and the sustainability of project management in the Peruvian National Education Development Fund.