Integration Of A Disintegrated Soul In Arun Joshi’s The Apprentice: A Social Relevance

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor Department of English,GLA University, Mathura


Arun Joshi has been dealing with the theme of alienation in all his novels but at the same time he also gives a way to his protagonists to overcome such soul threatening situations. These ways of getting out of the trying circumstances may be a lesson to all. The Apprentice was written in 1970’s social background. Corruption was prevailing in the society. Even after about fifty years later, the social behaviour prevailing in India has not changed, as for as corruption is concerned. Several laws have been formed; many strong steps are taken against it but the results are not very encouraging. This paper suggests a new approach to get rid of such evils. In the novel, the protagonist indulges in corruption and becomes a victim of the same. When he realizes that his deeds are against society and at large, against humanity, he develops a sense of guilt, resulting in to alienation. Reaching at apex of self- alienation, he decides to integrate himself with the main stream of society and gives himself a second chance to do something for society and humanity. Sometimes, in modern society, when a person gets involved in such situations, most of the time, s/he does get a right path to come out of that. Through Joshi’s novel this paper tries to explore ways to eradicate corruption from society, a new way to serve humanity. The discussion made in this paper may be helpful.