Multimodal Learning Analytics And Its Challenges- A Systematic Review

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Head, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, National College, (Autonomous), Trichy, TamilNadu, India.

2 Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science, National College (Autonomous), Trichy, TamilNadu, India.


In recent years data has been growing enormously at the faster rate originating from different sources, with different rate. It is essential to learn what that data mean. Data generated from multiple modes termed as “multimodal”. In this paper, a systematic review has done with Multimodal Data (MMD) and Learning Analytics (LA) for better understanding of human learning. This study focusses on what and how MMD has been used to understand the learning. The study consisted of 34 papers for analysis collected from MMLA research community journals (ACM, LAK, IEEE, and BJET). This paper discusses about the State of art of MMLA and its implications using Machine Learning Techniques. It includes a Multimodal Learning Analytics Model for better understanding of the learning process. It addresses the role of MMLA in various domains and the challenges in collecting, processing and analysing the MMD.