Physiological study on the effects of seaweeds extract and hydrogen peroxide stress on growth of bean plant vicia faba L.

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Biology, College of Education for Pure Science (Ibn Al-Haitham), University of Baghdad, Iraq.


An experiment was conducted using pots in the Botanical Garden of Biology Department, College of Education of Pure Sciences (Ibn Al-Haitham), University of Baghdad the 2020-2021 growth season to find out the effect of hydrogen peroxide and seaweeds extract in some growth characteristics of Vicia faba L. The concentrations used 5%, 10% hydrogen peroxide and 50,75,100 mg-1 of seaweeds extract, and the results showed that hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 10% led to asignificant decrease in plant height, SPAD content, dry weight gm, Mn, Zn and Fe content mg.L-1, as well as the results showed that extract led to a significant increase in all the characteristics studied.