Description of Psychotherapy and phenomenology psychotherapy for Schizophrenic Patients, Review Article

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 College of Science‚ University of Baghdad‚ Baghdad‚ Iraq.

2 Colorado, United States of America, Iraq


The goal of psychotherapy in a therapeutic of the schizophrenia patients has developed to minimize the forced isolation of people with the disorder and the authors are presented in the history of psychotherapy and what the steps followed after the success of psychotherapy. The types and symptoms of this disorder and what causes it are shown in this chapter. There are five different types of integrative psychotherapy for individuals with schizophrenia that are introduced, and the common conceptually structure is proposed that enables these five (5) approaches are to be consistent with each other. Personal narrative, interpersonal attachment, and metacognitive processes are all emphasized in the conceptual framework, which is congruent with recovery theories. Study in phenomenological-psychopathology has produced a huge array of observations over the past decades, which are invaluable for comprehension an experiential-environments of schizophrenia-patients. Although, we mentioned the fundamentals of Psychotherapy based on phenomenology for schizophrenia, dividing them into a following sub-groups: (1) overall objectives (2) attitudes in general.