Using Rare Earth Elements as an Indicator of Soil Formation.

Document Type : Primary Research paper


College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


Rare earth elements (REE) total concentration in soils are impacted by successive soil forming processes. So it can be used as indicator of soil development. Iron oxides and OM are known to have strong affinities with REE, and to play an important role in transfer and immobilization of REE. The ones available in the literature indicate that the release of REE induced by weathering and subsequent leaching in percolating water are the main pathways determining the REE fate in soils. Show that the REE content is strongly correlated to the general loss of elements and mineral weathering. In the redistribution of the elements resulting from weathering, the mobility of these elements and the geochemical changes at the end of the washing appear as the main determining factors. Weathering rate of soils is a fundamental approach to understanding and revealing the development processes of soils.