A Study of Online Shopping Promoting Impulsive Buying Behavior Amongst The Youth In Nagpur City

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor, Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research Nagpur [Maharashtra] INDIA


Technology has redefined the concept of shopping. You may be sitting at Indian place or even at abroad, it is the advent of technology, that today, buying goods have become much faster, smarter and even most convenient to any consumer . It has really become an easier for a tech-savvy customer to book any product just by clicking on it on a smartphone and receiving it at his or her doorstep. Youth is crazy for online shopping. Today, shopping has got new dimensions and new heights. Younger generation of India is very much inclined towards online shopping. Online shopping attracts each category of population but it attracts youth more because the major population of Indian country consists of college going students or even employed youth and they make enormous use of internet for buying things impulsively at their finger tips even without considering the utility of the product. Marketing strategies by the internet marketers influence highly to these urban youth and thus the tendency to shop online has increased to a great extent. Therefore, it is very important to understand the concept of impulsive buying in the context of urban youth .
This paper explored the two important factors general shopping habits and web advertisement effect promoting impulsive buying behavior. The researcher has used a descriptive research design and Convenience sampling technique. Hypotheses was tested and research provided the statistical evidence using correlation analysis and Chi-Square in MS-excel. The findings of the paper brought that general Shopping habits create an impact on impulsive buying. Web advertisement effect also promotes impulsive buying behaviour amongst the youth in Nagpur city.