Effect of Tharthar Canal on Nutrients and Chlorophyll values of Tigris River, North Baghdad City Iraq

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Biology Department -College of Sciences, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


This study investigated the effect Tharthar Canal on values of Nutrients and Chlorphyll of the waters of the Tigris River; the measurements were conducted for 12 months, starting from January to December 2020, five sites were selected. Results showed that after the confluence of the Tharthar Canal with the Tigris River, a change happens in values of the nutrients and chlorophyll properties increased in the Tigris River after the junction with the Tharthar Canal. In contrast, the low values of these characteristics decreased in the Tigris River directly below the confluence area. Therefore, it concludes that the Tigris River chlorophyll properties are affected by the Tharthar canal in the values of the river within the study area. It is worthwhile to mtioned that all the figured the Y-axis calculated in logarithm values due to very low of the measured values of the parameters.