Improving the Productivity of Common Carp by Utilizing the Method of Alternating With Rice Culture

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Ph.D. student, Astrakhan State University, Russia, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Research, Baghdad, Iraq


The experiment was conducted in Iraq, Al Hafria village in Wasit province, 60 km south of the capital Baghdad. The plot belongs to the fishing company "Dijla Fish". Two ponds were used for the experiment, each with an area of 30 dunams (7.5 ha). The experiment lasted four years (2015-2018, starting from mid-March to November in each season). The first season was devoted to the cultivation of fish, the next season to the cultivation of rice. The process of growing carp began in pond no (1) where 22,500 fry were placed, with an average weight of 30 g. In pond no (2) 22500 fry of the same average weight. The planting density is 3000 fish/ha. The results showed positive differences in fish weight after the rice growing season. We attribute this increase to the rich nutrient base and the improvement of the pond created by leftovers from rice farming, including insects and hydrobiont.