An Investigation on Assessment of Ecological and Socio-Economic Condition of Khamrenga Wetland, Assam,India

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Zoology, Guwahati College,

2 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics, Guwahati College


Wetlands, also called water bodies or aquatic ecosystems, are most aptly described as the waterlogged wealth of the nation. Wetlands provide many important services to human society but are at the same time ecologically sensitive systems. Floodplain wetlands, by virtue of their productivity potential as well as magnitude, constitute one of the frontline areas, capable of contributing substantially to aquatic production. This explains why much attention has been focused on sustainable management strategies for wetlands in recent years. Wetlands provide far more indirect benefits. Many wetlands have been modified and are managed by humans for specific purposes. The present paper considers the potential integration of insights and methods from natural and social sciences to better understand the interactions between ecology, economies and wetlands. Both natural and social sciences can contribute to an increased understanding of relevant processes and problems associated with such strategies.