A Review: Effect of draining emitters on Mean Weight Diameter (MWD) and salt and moisture distribution in clay soils.

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Shatra Technical Institute, Southern Technical University, Thi Qar province,64007,Iraq.

2 College of Agriculture, University of Basrah, Al-Qurnah ,Basrah, 61016, Iraq.

3 Department of Horticulture and Landscape, Agriculture College, University of Basrah


The present article refers to the study of different draining and their effect on the salt distribution and movement, improvement of the physical properties of the soil, including soil building, as well as the relationship of the spread of plant roots to the draining emitters in soils of clay texture. The draining of 4 L / hour, 6 L / hour and 8 L / hour were used, and the salt and moisture distribution was studied starting from under the emitters in a direction perpendicular to the tube carrying the emitters and for three distances (under the emitters, 15 cm, 30 cm) (and to two depths of 20 cm, 40 cm. (Mean weight diameter of two depths (20 cm, 40 cm) and the spread of roots according to the amount of draining. The results showed that the draining excelled 8 L / hour by washing salts and expelling them to a distance farther than the other two types, meaning that the wetting area is larger than the other two types, thus spreading the roots more and forming the granular shape and thus better soil groups, and this is all due to the good moisture distribution and expelling the salts far to the end of the wetting front boundaries compared with other charges used in the experiment.