Isolation and Identification of Parasite Entamobea Histolytica and Giardia Lamblia from Euphrates River in AL- Nasiriyah City - Southern Iraq

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Biology, Collage of Education for Pure Science, University oh Thi-Qar ,Iraq


The current study was conducted in four stations on the banks of the Euphrates River for a full year from September (2020) to August (2021) for the purpose of diagnosing parasites Entamobea histolytica and Giardia lamblia .Water samples were taken in clean and sterile plastic bottles and transported to the laboratory. The sedimentation method for parasites and the loglual ioden method were used to diagnose the parasite. Entamobea histolytica parasite was isolated from station (st1) with a percentage of 18%, and (st2) it accounted for 39%,in while station (st3 )the precentage reached to 43%, Howeber station (st4) respictibely to 29%. The Giardia lamblia parasite was the least prevalent in the Euphrates River in station (st1), with apercent of 11.1%, in station (st2) reachd to 19%, but in station (st3) reached to25.6%, but in station (st4) was not found ,The results of the study also showed a concordance between air and water temperature in all study stations, the air temperature ranged between (37-16)°C and the water temperature ranged between (32-17)°C ,The statistical ftanalysis showed that there were significant differences ((P<0.05) between water and air temperatures in the four stations according to the months of the year.