Estimation of Some Chemical and Biochemical Characteristics in The Juices of four Local Orange Fruits Produced Using The Probiotic

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Food Sciences, College of Agriculture, Tikrit University, Iraq


This study was conducted in the laboratories of Tikrit University/ College of Agriculture/ Department of Food Sciences. The experiment aimed to study the effect of bio stimulants on some chemical and biochemical characteristics in juices of four types of oranges (summer orange, Abu Surra, Al Khalili Red, Al Yafawi). These four juices were stored under 5 ° C for four weeks. Several chemical biochemical tests were conducted on the juices after the first day of production (Control) and the later four weeks (T1, T2, T3 and T4). The results of the study showed a gradual decrease in the percentages of total dissolved solids (TSS) and total solids (TS) for the studied juices. Gradual decreases in the viscosity, and (pH) values were also observed. percentage of total acidity (TA) was increased. One other, the concentrations of vitamin C and total phenolic compounds were estimated at the beginning and the end the experiment period. These two parameters were increased in all juices studied.