Fish Crop Rotation to Increase the Natural Food Base and Fish Productivity in Earthen Fish Ponds

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Ph.D. student, Astrakhan State University, Russia, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Research, Baghdad, Iraq

2 Ph.D in Agriculture, Professor, Chair of Biotechnology, Zoology, & Aquaculture, Astrakhan State University, 20a Tatischev Street, Astrakhan, 414056, Russia;

3 Ph.D. in Biology, senior researcher Scientific and educational center "Sturgeon breeding", Astrakhan State University; Russia, 20A Tatishcheva str., Astrakhan,


The study was conducted in the south of the Russian Federation, to compare Fish crop rotation and its effect in natural food base and fish productivity. In the 2021 season, pond No. 3 was used for melon farming, while the remaining ponds 1.2.4 were used for fish farming, that in these three ponds was studied the extent of the effect of alternately culture on the natural food base as well as on the quality of fish in each pond, where pond No. 2 was used for fish farming immediately after planting watermelon, so used to compare with the other ponds, 1 and 4. Taking into consideration the research details, the present study examined the influence of natural food on the growth and productivity of fish, as well as limnological conditions in the polyculture system.