Simulation of Tube in Tube Helical Heat Exchanger

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor, Department of Aeronautical Engineering Nehru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.


In the present work attempts were made to investigate the hydrodynamics and
heat transfer characteristics of tube-in-tube helical heat exchanger. The steady state
simulation was carried out in counter current mode operation with hot fluid in the tube
side and cold fluid in the annulus area. A commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics
package was used to predict the flow and thermal development in tube-in-tube helical heat
exchanger. CFD simulations are carried out in tube in tube helical coils by varying
different geometric parameters such as helical tube pitch.

Volume 11, Issue 1
International Virtual Conference, Recent Materials for, Engineering Applications and Sustainable Environment, December 2020.
May 2020
Pages 333-338