Prefabricated Rcc Structures

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Student of Civil Engineering Dept, Jagdambha College of Engineering and Technology, Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India


This project deals with the prefabrication techniques for residential building using a system of precast units for columns, beams, roof and walls. Precast R.C.C. planks and partially Precast R.C. joists are considered for flooring/roofing system in this paper and special types of precast wall panels are recommended. Prefabricated columns with a specific configuration, beams and staircase units are considered in this paper. Special emphasis has been made with respect to the various joints and connections and the details of these are discussed. A comparison of the cost of construction of precast system with that of a conventional construction unit has also been made. Finally, identified that large scale adopting of such a precast systems will eventually result in considerable cost reduction with the added advantages of execution speed.