Recent developments in nanotechnology- a way to next generation robots

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Nehru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.


Nano Tech will make the world
as a tiny particle like atom. In future the
world will depend on Nanotechnology.
This paper presents the man madenano
robots using Nanotechnology. They are
simply named as Nanobots. Nano
technology will make a revolution in the
field of robotics. Nanobots can be
involved in various works in different
fields. Based on their application, the
nanobots can act as artificial living
beings in future. In this paper, evolution
of nanobots, parts of the nanobots,
development and their special
applications were discussed in detail.


Volume 11, Issue 1
International Virtual Conference, Recent Materials for, Engineering Applications and Sustainable Environment, December 2020.
May 2020
Pages 316-321