The Numerical analysis of Biodieselapplying in IC engine


Assistant Professor, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Nehru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.


Most of the vehicles around us are using the diesel to propel them. Developing
highly efficient engine is very much complicated. Development procedure involves so
many experimental and CFD works. When the experiments go towards to find out the
usage of karonja, waste cooking oil blended with Biodiesel in diesel engine, the role of
CFD is so much important. This work involves the simulation of Diesel Engine with
Diesel and Bio-diesel like B20. B20 (20% & biodiesel,80% petroleum diesel) is the most
common biodiesel blend in the United States. B20 is popular because it represents a good
balance of cost, emissions, cold-weather performance, materials compatibility, and ability
to act as a solvent. Cylinder pressure and temperature between the petroleum diesel and
B20 will be investigated through CFD. ANSYS FLUENT will be used for this purpose.
Grid generation will be done by ICEMCFD. K-Ԑ turbulence model will be used.
Computer simulations of the working process of internal combustion engine are usually
performed using multi-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and/or
advanced one-dimensional gas dynamics and thermodynamic models.

Volume 11, Issue 1
International Virtual Conference, Recent Materials for, Engineering Applications and Sustainable Environment, December 2020.
May 2020
Pages 379-389