Experimental Investigation And Material Charcaterization Of Gas Tungsten Arc Welded Aisi 316l And Aisi 430 Using Different Filler Materials

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Automobile Engineering,

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering ,Nehru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore


The article is based on the study of
metallurgical and mechanical properties of
bimetallic joint welded using Continues Current
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding with the presence of
ERNiCu-7 and ERNiCr-3 as fillers. The parent
metals employed in this study are AISI 316L (low
carbon alloy) and AISI 430. The microstructure
analysis of the weld region and the Heat Affected
Zone (HAZ) can be examined with the help of
optical microscope and SEM analysis which helps
to find the formation of unmixed zones at the HAZ.
Tensile and Impact tests are carried out for
examining the fracture properties of the weldments.
These investigations will be useful for studying the
structural –property relationships of dissimilar weldments using different filler rods.


Volume 12, Issue 3 - Serial Number 3
ICMMNT-2021 International Virtual Conference on Materials, Manufacturing and Nanotechnology, 30th June, 2021.
June 2021
Pages 606-610