Determination of the best time to harvest of Origanum vulgarae L. cultivated locally for volatile oil production

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of biology-, college of- science, Al Mustansiriyah-university, Baghdad, - Iraq


A recent study has been conducted on the plant Origanum vulgarae L. planted through the ecological condition in Baghdad city at the gardens located, the college of science, Baghdad University in jadria town to identify the best cultivated date of the plant to give a high level of essential oil during the year seasons. Significant differences have revealed that the rates of the oil extracted were different among the months of the whole year.It showed that the plant grows well in spring, summer, and autumn rather than in winter, in which growth is restricted. The highest rate of oil production was recorded in July. April and October Successively 2.16% ,1.97% ,1.8%. then in November 1.73% August 1.68% and March 1.2%After that, this rate had significantly decreased 0.2% in December and April. Consequently, it is preferable to cultivate the crop three times yearly. Exactly in the mid of April, July and October