Novel Design of Thiazolidinediones Derivatives as typical Antidiabetic Agents against Insulin Resistance

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Sri Venkateswara College of Pharmacy RVS Nagar, Tirupati Road, CHITTOOR – 517127


Recent years have seen a rise in interest in the study of heterocycles (hybrid
molecules) due to claims that these compounds exhibit a wide range of pharmacological
effects. As a result, it was decided to conduct research on and screen for the biological
activities of heterocycles containing thiazolidinedione moieties. The goal of this study was
to create novel lead compounds for drug development, namely new anti-diabetic medicines,
by synthesising, purifying, characterising, and evaluating substituted thiazolidindione
derivatives. This experimental study outlines a technique for synthesising a series of
chemicals known as 2-amino (5' (4-sulfonylbenzylidine) 2, 4-thiazolidinedione)
sulphonamide derivatives (C1-C5) utilising suitable synthetic processes. Results showed
that the yield of the synthesised compounds was between 60% and 79%. The melting point
and the presence of a single spot on the TLC confirmed the purity of the produced