Basic Solutions For Smart City Development In Binh Duong Today

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Binh Duong Political School


The concept of "smart city" was mentioned by technology companies in the early years of the 21st century to talk about the application of information technology to the operation of urban infrastructure such as buildings, traffic, electricity and water supply and social safety. With Binh Duong being a province in the Southeast region of Vietnam, the urban population growth rate, the urban space has been expanded strongly throughout the administrative units. As the result of the industrial revolution 4.0 is the birthplace of highly connected smart technology devices, so the construction of smart cities is considered as an inevitable trend in the internal development of the country. Binh Duong. The article analyzes and clarifies the current situation and basic solutions for smart city development in Binh Duong today. The results show an overview of the current situation of smart urban construction in Binh Duong. The article also offers solutions to develop smart cities in Binh Duong in the current period. Accordingly, the solutions to focus on implementation will be: applying science and technology in urban development planning and management; building a system of mechanisms and policies to meet the practical requirements of society for smart city development; promote innovation and creativity; study policies to promote cooperation between domestic and international enterprises, creating opportunities for domestic enterprises to increase their scale in terms of both finance and scope of activities related to smart cities; focus on human issues.