Iot Based Plant Monitoring System

Document Type : Primary Research paper


UG Student, Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication, SKN Sinhgad College of Engg., Pandharpur


In the iot based smart plant monitoring system we can monitor and controlusing iot . It is very difficult to control scattered without a remote environment monitoring system. In recent years, there appeared a canopy remote monitoring system based on Ethernet.In this project we use different modules such as IOT, arduino as controller, Temperature sensor, Moisture sensor, Humidity sensor. This project uses sensors such as A humidity sensor is also given to know about the atmospheric humidity of that place. By having knowledge of all these one can take action accordingly. Moisture sensor sense the soil is dry or wet. If soil is dry automatically water pump will get ON. And the sensor values are given to ADC to get processed by arduiono controller. The
temperature sensor LM35 senses the temperature and converts it into an electrical (analog) signal, which is applied to the micro controller through ADC. The analog signal is converted into digital format by the analog-to- digital converter (ADC). If temp increases more than set threshold value. Automatically fan will be ON. In this project we are using dry/wet sensor, humidity sensor and Temperature sensor.. To overcome this problem we use wireless device to monitor the parameters so that we can take certain steps even in worst case. Few years back the use of wireless device was very less, but due the rapid development is technology now-a-days we use maximum of our data transfer through wireless like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WI-Max, etc. This project is designed as a plant monitoring system based on IOT.