Effect of Irrigation Water Systems on the Qualitative Characteristics of Different Cultivars of Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 College of Agriculture, Kirkuk University, Iraq

2 College of Agriculture, Tikrit University, Iraq


The experiment Was carried out in the field of one farmers in the Daraman
region of Alton coupri in the winter season of 2020-2021 to aim of studying effect of
irrigation water systems in the qualitative traits for eight varieties of bread wheat (Triticum
aestivum L.). The experiment has been implemented according to RCBD (Randomize
Complete Block Design) with three replicates included two factors: First was three
irrigation systems, first on the rain, second by using candian sprinkler head; third Turkish
sprinkler head. Candian sprinkler with two holes (open) by 2 bar pressure 1.33 m3.hour
with diameter spray at 2 bar 15.24 meter , the big hole(open) with diameter (4.4 mm) and
the small one 2.4mm , other system was Turkish with two holes(opens) bar pressure 1.20
m3.hour by diameter of spray at 2 bar pressure 16.60 meter for big one 3.8 mm and small
hole(open) 2.3 mm as written at the cataloge oppendex of each one. The second factor was
eight varieties of bread wheat all of them ceritified from the General Authority of
Agricultural Research: (Ibaa 99, Adana 99, Aras, Babel, Baghdad, Bour(Italian), Rashid,
and Tamuz 2) with three replicates, every treatment con sist of four lines, the length of one
line was 2.5 meter and the space between the lines was 25 cm, using 160 kg.h-1 amount of
seeding on the base 10 gm for every line. The study showed superiority of Rashid variety in
the qualitative traits (protein percentage 14.69%, wet gluten 41.33%, dry gluten 13.63% )
while the Bour(Italian) variety was surpassed in crinkle grain trait (2.06%) and Baghdad
variety was surpassed in volumetric specific weight trait (86.22 kg.hec.-1). The irrigation
system (1)(Canadian sprinkler) was surpassed in grain yield trait (1998.60 kg.h-1) , and
starch percentage trait (68.06%). As the irrigation system (2)(Turkish sprinkler) was
surpassed in protein percentage (15.31%) , while the irrigation system (3)(on the rain) was
surpassed in the traits (Voulmetric specific weight 83.01 kg.hec-1. And the crinkle grains
2.12%). The interation between the varieties and irrigation systems, the Rashid variety with
the irrigation system (2)(Turkish sprinkler) had surpassed in the traits (wet gluten 42.50%
and Dry gluten 14.10%) , while Baghdad variety with Turkish sprinkler (2) had surpassed
in specific weight (87.80 kg.hect-1) also Bour(Italian) with the irrigation system (2)
(Turkish sprinkler) had surpassed in protein percentage (15.87%) , while the Babel variety
had surpassed in the third system (on the rain) in crinkle grains (2.60%) trait.