Smart Safty Device for Women

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Student, Department of Information Technology, SSWCOE, Solapur (MS), India

2 Associate Professor, Department of AIDS / Information Technology, SSWCOE, Solapur (MS), India


Women safety is a very big issue even in this modern world running with advanced technologies. After a history of times, women got a freedom of equality at the workplace, asset rights, family law, and education. During the lonely travelling on roads, picnic spots, work and deserted places. So we are developing a device for woman safety. This will provide you with the location of your woman when she’s traveling but this device provides few features in our device includes more features like an alarm, tracking location, and sending the message to their family and police control room. Smart safety device for women This is currently in place, however given the current state of the world, women still have a lot of security-related difficulties to cope with, some aspects in this system are covered in this proposed system. The design comprises of fingerprint scanner to activate the device, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) module for sending alert messages, buzzer for alerting the environment and shock wave generator for self-defence.