The Effect of Drought Stress in Some Vegetative Growth and the Physiological Characteristics and the Quality and Quantity Characteristics Yield of Some Leguminosae Family Plants

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Biology, College of Education for Pure Science (Ibn Al-Haitham), University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


Drought stress is one of the types of non-biological environmental stresses that occurs when soil water decreases as a result of low rainfall, or when the loss of water by transpiration exceeds the absorption of water through the roots, and this directly leads to changes in the natural environment of the plant. The researchers found that treatment with drought stress has led to a decrease in the characteristics of vegetative growth, including the height of the plant (cm), the leaf area (cm2) and the number of leaves(leaf.plant-1) and dry weight of the total vegetative (gm) and absolute growth rate ( and decrease in some physiological qualities include chlorophyll content (mg. g-1) soft weight leaves, while the concentration of proline (μg. g-1 soft weight), MDA content (mmol.g-1 soft weight) and α-tocopherol (μg.g-1) increased, antioxidants SOD, CAT, POX, GPX increased in most studies, while quality and quantity of yield decreased when the plant was stressed.