Conditions of formation and conclusions drawn when learning about ancient Indian philosophy

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Post-graduate in University of Social Sciences and Humanities -National University Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Along with Egypt, Babylon and China, ancient India is one of the oldest, brilliant, rich, profound, and magical cultural cradles of human civilization. In that ancient culture of India, philosophy is one of the unique and developed fields that are not inferior to any other philosophy in the world. This study was conducted to analyze and clarify the natural and historical - social conditions that formed ancient Indian philosophy; The statements are drawn when learning about the natural and historical - social conditions that formed ancient Indian philosophy. The results show that the birth and development of Indian philosophy as a form of theoretical knowledge cannot be separated from natural conditions, historical and social conditions. The study also confirms that, among the brilliant achievements in cultural and spiritual values that the Indian people have achieved in the ancient period, philosophy and religion is one of the fields of development that is quite prominent. unique. The process of formation, development and ideological content of ancient Indian philosophy is a reflection of and is conditioned by natural conditions and historical characteristics, as well as the nature of Indian social life. Ancient degree.