Effect of Different Concentrations of Neem oil on Damping off ond Root Rot Disease of okra And Tomato Caused by Fusarium Solani.

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Plant protection department, college of Agriculture, university of Basrah, Iraq

2 Arab society of Plant Protection,Amman, Jordan.

3 Department of Plant Pathology, Bahauddin Zakaria university Multan, Pakistan.


The Results of this study showed that the biopesticide Fytomax had high ability in inhibition the growth of the pathogenic fungus Fusarium solani when it used in concentration of 2ml/L as inhibition percentage reached 87.6%. On the other hand biopesticide increased seed germination of both tomato and okra seeds were soaked with biopesticide suspension at concentration of 2ml /L Where the percentage of seed germination reached 70% with okra seeds, Results also showed that biopesticide decrease damping - off and root rot diseases of both plants.