Participation of Egyptian Women in Voluntary Work to Serve the Community (Reality and Prospects)

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Ministry of Education Arab Republic of Egypt

2 College of Education for Humanities University of Wasit


Volunteer work is one of the high-end actions that indicate the development and advancement of human societies, so the importance of research stems from a basic and interactive reality in contemporary Egyptian society, which is the participation of women in this work as an indicator of women's awareness of their pioneering role in this field, and their ability to absorb the current conditions of society and its need for Learning several skills with positive community participation according to an integrated program, which leads to deepening social ties and strengthening the bonds of national and cultural affiliation, thus contributing to the integration of voluntary efforts to provide an achievement that serves the community and transfers it to a state of cooperation. The voluntary work of Egyptian women was clear and prominent in The various fields that society needs and the process of sustainable development in it, in a way that contributes to satisfying psychological and social needs, and building new creative capabilities in a way that enhances the status of work and increases its respect as a human value, with the functions it provides in time management, which makes it fill the void and transform it into energy in the service of society . The descriptive approach was employed to identify the participation of Egyptian women in voluntary work for community service. The research also relied on the content analysis approach in interpreting and analyzing voluntary work by studying the content of the efforts made by women in this field. As for the research tools, they were represented in the observation and analysis of the texts related to the topic, and the obstacles it faces. The research reached many results, most notably: It was found that Egyptian women have renewed roles in voluntary work to serve the community in the fields of education, humanitarian aid, and support for vulnerable groups.