Impact of Wearing a Medical Mask on Some Physiological Parameters in Men

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Department of Biology, College of education, University of AL-Qadisiyah, Iraq

2 University of Babylon, Iraq


Until recently, people did not get used to wearing masks in public places, and even workers in various institutions, few of them wear masks, especially those working in the medical field, after the Corona pandemic and the World Health Organization’s call to wear masks, Many questions began to appear in the horizons about the feasibility of using the muzzle, or the psychological and health impact of wearing it, and for this reason a group of researches appeared that take care of this aspect, and due to the need for such research, the purpose of conducting this research was to shed some light on the effect of wearing the muzzle in some Physiological variables. The study was conducted outdoors and in a moderate atmosphere (to some extent) with the participation of (24) volunteers. At first, blood pressure, heart rate, and heart rate were measured. The percentage of blood oxygen saturation and breathing rate for each volunteer, then the volunteers were divided randomly into two groups of equal number, the first wore a regular medical mask and the second a special medical mask N95.Then, each volunteer in both groups was subjected to a continuous walking test on a treadmill at an average speed for a distance equivalent to 200 meters our current study showed a discrepancy in the results before and after wearing masks of both types, and some of these increases were statistically significant, and the correlation value showed a correlation between these variables and wearing masks, although this association was slight. It was concluded through the study that the N95 mask was the best in its lack of effect on the variables under study, as the study shows that wearing the N95 mask leaves a less severe physiological effect than wearing a regular medical mask.