Sorting Visualization of Algorithm Using Different Types of Sorts

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 B.E Student of Computer Engineering, Jagadambha College of Engineering and Technology, Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India

2 Assistant Professor at Jagadambha College of Engineering and Technology Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India


This paper outlines a study that dependable the benefits of animated sorting algorithms for teaching. To visualize four sorting algorithms, a web-based animation application was established. Visualization of data is implemented as a bar graph, after which a data sorting and algorithm may be adapted. The resulting animation is then performed either automatically or by the user, who then sets their own pace. This is research on the computer science subject's approach to learning algorithms. The experiment featured a presentation and a survey, both of which asked students questions that may illustrate improvements in algorithm conception. These findings and reactions are cataloged in this document and compared to earlier investigations Selection Sort, Merge Sort, Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Heap Sort