The Problems That the Agricultural Activity Suffers From in Al-Shahimiya District for the Season (2021-2022)

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Wasit University, College of Education for Human Sciences, Department of Geography


The importance of agriculture at the present time is highlighted by being the important economic craft in the study area because it provides job opportunities for the population as well as the availability of various agricultural crops of all kinds. While the agricultural area amounted to (104407)dunums, equivalent to (86.91)% of the total area , While the lowest forest area was (1172)dunums, i.e. (0.98)% of the total area of the study area, there are many problems that agricultural activity suffers from within the study area, some of which are related to the natural side such as climate and its elements, and others related to the human side such as problems related to irrigation water and marketing urban sprawl, fires, and more .