Phonemic Repetition (Repetition of a Letter) I n the Al-Tawasim in AL Tahrir and AL Tan *wer (Balancing In Light of Textual Consistency)

Document Type : Primary Research paper


College of Arts / University of Wasit Department of Arabic language


The research deals with a textual study on the wall of the ritual walls in explainin g the editing and enlightenment of Ibn Ashour, and explaining the secret of the ritual inter connection of the rituals, by following the approach of balancing in the use of coherent too ls between the three walls (poets, ants, stories), after explaining the similar purposes betwee n the wall and monitoring the most important aspects of the textual consistency The acousti c effect represented by the acoustic repetition in its rhythmic levels, which are separated by the repetition ofits last letter, the effect of this on the interconnectedness of the seams, the a esthetic level indiation, the artistic effect and the semantic function it performed. The resea rch reached the agreement of the suras in the phonemic repetition at the level of the repetiti on of the letter, whichconfirms the interconnection of the suras of the suras, so they look li ke one surah.