The Phytochemical and the Antifungal Activity of Senna Didymobotrya Ethanol Extracts from Leaves of Plants in Iraq


Department of Biology, College of Education for Pure Science, Kerbala University, Kerbala, Iraq


In the present study a various phytochemical compounds that have been isolated from Senna didymobotrya and showed phytoconstituents from leaves against three of pathogenic fungi are as follows: Alternaria alternate, Neoscytalidium dimidiatum and Sordaria fimicola. The Phytochemical of Senna didymobotrya leaves were exposed to (GCMS) analysis. The results showed highest activity against reviewed fungal, (Alternaria alternate, Neoscytalidium dimidiatum and Sordaria fimicola) . all three concentrations of extract (10,20,30 mg/ml) in respectively" were given a results ( 0.00 )mm in the diameter of colonies. The GC-MS analysis of Senna didymobotrya leaves parts showed the presence of -1,3-Propanediol ;Silane, (3-chloropropyl)ethoxydimethyl ;2-Mercaptophenol ; Nonadecane ; .alpha.-D-Mannopyranoside, methyl 3,6-anhydro ; 4-Methyl-2,5- dimethoxybenzaldehyde ; 1-Heptadecene ; 1,3,5-Cycloheptatriene,3,7,7-trim ethyl- ;Artumerone ; Propanamide, N-(4-methoxyphenyl)-2 -methyl- ; Curlone ; 4-O-Methylmannose ;Hydroperoxide, 1,4-dioxan-2-yl ; Phytol, acetate ; 5-Nonadecen-1-ol ; 9-Octadecyne ; Pentadecanoic acid ; Ethyl 9-decenoate ; Phytol ; 9-Octadecenoic acid, (E) .