The Effect of Spraying with Kinetin and Nano-Zinc on the Tolerance of Maize Plants to Salt Stress

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of biology, College of Education for Pure Sciences, Karbala University, Iraq


The pot experiment was conducted under field conditions in Karbala governorate - Al-Hussainiya area to study the effect of spraying with kinetin and nano-zinc on some plant traits for the tolerance of maize plant Zea mays to salt stress in sandy soil during the 2022 agricultural season. The experiment included three factors, the first factor represented by foliar spraying of two concentrations of zinc (Zn) is (0 and 1) mmol during the two phases of plant growth (before elongation and endowment), and the second factor (S) represented by two levels of salinity in irrigation water (2 and 4) decimens. M-1, and the third factor (H) included foliar spraying with two concentrations of kinetin (0 and 2) mg L-1 A completely randomized CRD design was used with three replications, and the experiment included 24 experimental units. The results showed a significant effect of the hormone kinetin and potassium on the traits (nutrients N, p, K and K/Na). The results also indicate the possibility of using saline water within the study levels to irrigate the maize plant when spraying with the hormone Kinetin and potassium.