A Study of Composition and Working of the Primary Agricultural Co-Operative Credit Societies (Paccs) In Agricultural Services

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Research Scholar Department of Economics,Dr.APJ kalam University,Indore,MP

2 Research Guide Department of Economics,Dr.APJ kalam University,Indore,MP


Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. It is the bedrock and foundation of all efforts for economic development and planning in India. Primary Agricultural Cooperative credit societies are an important constituent in the field of agriculture. Primary Agricultural co-operative Credit Societies lie at the root of the co-operative credit structure of the country. The purpose of this study is to analyze the role of Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies (PACCS) in providing the services and members’ perception about their quality. The necessary information was collected both from the primary and secondary sources. Primary data was collected from the secretaries and the members of the PACCS through a designed questionnaire. Besides this, personal interviews were also conducted with the presidents and the secretaries of the PACCS to know their opinions about the functioning of these societies. To assess the quality of services provided by the PACCS, the perception of the members about their services was collected. For this purpose, a sample of 50 members was selected in each of the PACCS based on the land owned, amount of loan taken, type of services, level of education, etc. by using the random sampling technique. The findings of the study will help to identify the members’ perception towards the services of PACCS. The study also mentions some suggestions for the effective working of PACCS in rendering more qualitative services for the members.