The Effect of Marketing Strategies on Investors' Perception and Selection Preferences - an Empirical Study on Mutual Funds

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Studies Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Indian mutual funds industry is in an upward design as the assets are growing
under the organization of various funds advents. It is seen that normal theory is more
secure than interests in stocks which are safer decisions for financial supporters who avoid
risk. It has been seen from the market that most of the financial patrons aren’t aware of the
upsides of shared savings. This investigation paper has given emphasis on the care level of
respondents towards the mutual funds save and besides, an undertaking has been made to
perceive various elements responsible for financial patrons placing funds into shared
reserves. No big surprise, numerous financial backers have little to no faith in the general
security of fluid funds any longer. They were enquiring about for the time being reserves of
late because of promoting techniques. In this manner, the present study has focused on
marketing strategies towards mutual funds subsidizing' danger and return connected with
saving and positioning them depending upon their show which will go similarly a manual
for picking the best-shared store delivering the best return with the least stake.