An Study of Cyber Security Frameworks as Guidelines for Organizations

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Studies, Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Cybersecurity knowledge is knowledge for all, as many organizations activities operate via the
internet and also as the results of the current pandemic the world is facing (Covid 19). This situation has
further forced many organizations to use the internet for their daily operation, on the other hand,
cybercriminals have gotten a chance for launching more attacks on many organizations. Cybersecurity is a
method of protecting organization assets, through the identification of threats that can compromise the
critical information stored in the organization systems, it also involves the protection, identification, and
responding to threats. The method adopted in conducting the comparative analysis was from Halverson and
Conradi's taxonomy of software process improvement taxonomy. The paper aims to provide a detailed review
of the current cybersecurity frameworks that can serve as a guideline for the organization in selecting the
appropriate framework for their organization and also as a benchmark for future cyber security framework