Significance of Projection and Rotation of Image in Color Matching for High-Quality Panoramic Images used for Aquatic study

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, BMIT, Solapur (MS) India.


An effective method for stitching marine images together to produce 360-degree circular panoramas of the highest quality. Lengthy, 360-degree image sequences with source photos that have extremely varied colours and luminances have an issue with colour and brightness correction. The use of colour matching reduces both the colour disparities between adjacent images and the overall colour correction for the entire sequence. For the brightness and chrominance components of the source images(marine), respectively, we apply gamma correction and linear correction in aquatic images applications. Color correspondence and colour difference distribution procedures are used to address the issue of colour consistency in 360-degree panoramic photographs. In order to produce high-resolution and high-quality panoramic photographs for mobile phones, this article incorporates the stitching approach into a panoramic imaging system.