The study of effect of Internet of Things over Logistics

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Asst. Prof. Institute of Management Studies, Noida


Data can influence the planning of enterprises’ company strategies. We are in a new era of technology where innovatory decisions and business models constantly emerge; they have a positive impact on the environment. The emerging intelligent reality forms a new future which actively reacts to the transport industry. Internet of Things (IoT) helps shape this future. IoT connects everyday objects wirelessly to a huge network of sensors, which allows problem-free communication between people and objects. It creates opportunities for collecting significant amounts of data which can be used to improve understanding and planning in business and to save energy and human resources in everyday life. The fact of the matter is that things are changing more rapidly than ever in the transport industry and the logistics industry. The activity of internet users has forced transport companies to change their internal processes, storage structures and delivery deadlines. Consumers dictate these changes by shopping online with their phones even when they are on the move. A company can enter the competition only if it has the appropriate equipment and technical innovations. The world of logistics and transport is in a new phase of development and that is connectivity.
JEL Classification Numbers: N70, O14