The Color and Its Effect in the Poetry of Battles and Sedition in the Era if Marabateen and Unified Sauce

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 جامعة الرازی – کلیة التربیة

2 أ. د. محمد نبی أحمدی


This study focuses on the use of modern critical theory (semiotics) in methodological studies, in a manner that differs from the traditional propositions, which adopt the descriptive method for the structure of the technical problem. Accordingly, the researcher was able to extrapolate the chromatic presence of the Andalusian poem, and try to root the chromatic connotations from which the Andalusian poet drew and painted his paintings packed with color and symbolism. The researcher tried to highlight the sources of color in the Arabic poem and its dimensions in the poetry of wars and strife in Andalusia. The color gave an aesthetic intensity and exceptional dimensions to art in the literary text, and artistic creativity created a special energy to establish the image among poets. The poetry of wars and strife in Andalusia was distinguished by the gentleness of words, the sincerity of emotion, and the vocabulary of sadness and heartbreak that invaded the greatest space in it. It was also distinguished by including the Quranic verses and hadiths of the Noble Prophet and evoking Islamic history in the East. The abundance of the Andalusian environment in color was one of the most important sources of pictorial and color synthesis in the Andalusian poem. The colours in their time did not carry the same connotations that they carry now. Black may be a symbol of the fierceness of the knight and the strength of the blunt force, and not an icon of loss and misery