Can sterility through triploidy induction make an impact on Tilapia industry?

Document Type : Primary Research paper



Triploidy induction has been opted as an effective management tool in tilapia fish culture in the past. At present scenario, the production of tilapia monosex population through hormone treatment has become an important tool for aquaculturists to avoid unwanted reproduction and to produce single-sex individuals with larger growth potential. However, there is always the risk of public reacting badly to what they perceive as an unnecessary use of hormones in their food. Therefore a robust and reliable solution to overcome hurdles faced by tilapia aquaculture industry like advanced sexual maturation, unwanted and uncontrolled reproduction is always in demand. This article will discuss the efficacy of sterilization in tilapia using triploidy induction technique and its effect on altering the sex ratio and thereby how much this technique could revive the tilapia farming in the future.