Effect of stocking density on growth and survival rate of Spiny Lobster (Panulirus polyphagus) in cage culture system

Document Type : Primary Research paper



In the present study, cage  culture of spiny Lobster in 124days was carried out and effect of different stocking density on growth and survival was find out. At present there are no commercially feasible lobster farming practices anywhere in the world. Maximum growth was obtained in  treatment with 20 lobsters/cage with weight gain of 48.95% followed by 45.65% and  42.45 % weight in a treatment with 10 lobsters/cage and 30 lobsters/cage respectively. Survivability recorded from 30 lobsters/cage was observed to be 24.66% whereas it was 21% in 20 lobsters/cage and 0 % in 10 lobsters/cage, this was affected due to low temperature during winter season. Maximum FCR recorded during experiment were 39:1, 35:1 in treatment 30 and 20 numbers stocking density respectively. Among all treatment better growth in term of SGR recorded was from 20 lobsters/cage followed by 30 lobsters/cage and 10 lobsters/cage stocking density and it was 0.38, 0.35 and 0.31 respectively.