The effect if sucrose on sperm quality of Osphronemus goramy two days post-crypreservation

Document Type : Primary Research paper



Our previous study showed the optimum concentration of DMSO combined with 189M of extender to maintain spermatozoa quality of Osphronemus goramy, 24 hours post- cryopreservation. The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of various  concentrations of sucrose on sperm quality of Osphronemus goramy 48 hours post- cryopreservation. Mature males Osphronemus goramy obtained from a private commercial hatchery were brought into laboratory. The ejaculates from a total of three males were collected by hand stripping. The ejaculated semen were diluted with the solvent (sucrose-fish ringer + 10% methanol; 1: 9). Sucrose concentrations which are used in this study were: 0%, 0.1%, 0.3%, 0.5%, 0.7%, and 0.9%, respectively.  Samples were then equilibrated at 4°C for 10 minutes, and were freezed at -34°C for 48 hours. Thawing was carried out at 40°C for 1—2 min. Based on Anova test, there were significant effect (P<0.05) of various concentrations of sucrose on post-thawed sperm motility, viability, and abnormality, compared to control (0% of sucrose). According to the Tukey test, the concentration of 0.5% of sucrose showed significant difference (P<0.01) on post-thawed motility, viability, and abnormality, respectively. Zero point five percent of sucrose showed the highest post-thawed sperm motility (81.62±4.19) %, and post-thawed sperm viability (82.17±2.56) %, and the lowest post-thawed abnormality (12.5±1.52) %. Our finding showed the optimum concentration of sucrose as extender.