Systematic study of epiphytic algal after restoration of Al-Hawizah marshes, southern of Iraq

Document Type : Primary Research paper



A study of epiphytic algae in restored marshes in Mesopotamian marshes, southern Iraq was carried out seasonally from winter 2008 to spring 2009. Four sites were selected in Al- Hawizah marshes (Um El-Wared, Um El-Na'aj, Al-Adaim and Soda north). Samples of epiphytic algae were collected from four species of host hydrophytes (Phragmites australis Trin ex, Typha domengensis Pers, Ceratophyllum demersum L. and Potamogeton pectinatus L.). In this study, five classes, twenty seven genera and fifty-five species of epiphytic algae were described. Seven species and two varieties of identified epiphytic algae in this study were new records to the flora of algae in Iraq for the first time.