Effects of partial replacement of fishmeal in the diet by mulberry leaf meal on growth performance and digestive enzyme activities of Indian minor carp Labeo bata

Document Type : Primary Research paper



Fermented mulberry leaf (Morus indica) meal (MLM) was used as the main protein supplement to partially replace fishmeal (FM), mustard oil cake (MOC) and rice bran (RB) in the formulation of four experimental diets for the Indian minor carp Labeo bata. The four diets contained 0, 65, 75 and 80% MLM thereby replacing respectively 0, 50, 75 and 80% of FM,  0, 64, 64 and 74 % of MOC  and 0, 77, 90 and 90% of RB. The diet containing 65% MLM (replacing 50% of FM, 64% of MOC and 77% of RB) appeared to be best diet in terms of growth, nutrient deposition and digestive enzyme activities of the L. bata fingerlings.  It was concluded that inclusion of MLM as feedstuff to replace fishmeal in the formulation of diet of L. bata was a viable option provided crude fibre content of the diet did not exceed 5.63% of the dry weight of the diet.