Safety Management in Construction Projects

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Civil Engineering Department, University of Garmin, Kalar, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq


The aim of this research is to identify and evaluate the risk management in construction projects in order to minimize and control risk to safety and health of construction workers/employees. Two different tools are used: online questionnaire and expert interview. The questionnaire collected a wide range of opinions from experienced professionals working in different construction sites. The interviews developed the research and collected more sensitive/accurate and reliable data about construction risk management. The reviews of the related literature are the first step in obtaining information from previously related studies. The literature reviews provide a theoretical background about risk management that guided the design of the questionnaire and interview questions. This research concludes that the construction industry has a high number of fatalities and long-term injuries. This is unacceptable in a modern society and it also makes the industry inefficient, with days lost due to injuries. Moreover, this unacceptable rate of injury makes the construction sector undesirable for employment. It shows that the high rates of accidents are due to several common factors, such as worker behaviour, inadequate safety training, lack of safety in design, poor construction planning, inherent risk of construction non-wearing of personal protective equipment and tiredness.