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International Journal of Aquatic Science
(ISSN: 2008-8019)

International Journal of Aquatic Science (Indexed in: Thomson Reuters (ISI), e-journal) publishes original research papers on topics in the field of Aquatic, including Ecology, Taxonomy, Genetics, Physiology, Molecular Biology, Biosystematics and etc.

Current Issue: Vol. 9, No. 1 (January 2018)


- José Alberto Ramírez-Torrez, María del Carmen Monroy-Dosta, Luis Héctor Hernández-Hernández, Jorge Castro-Mejía, Jaime Amadeo Bustos-Martínez and Aida Hamdan-Partida; Presumptive probiotic isolated from Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum, 1792), cultivated in Mexico, 3-12. (PDF)

- Kouakou Norbert Kouadio, Adama Idrissa Camara, Netto Mireille Seu-Anoï, Dramane Diomande and Germain Gourene; Response of benthic macroinvertebrates communities to seasonal changes in the Grand-Lahou lagoon (Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa), 13-22. (PDF)

- Quang Minh Dinh and Nguyen Phuong Dai Nguyen; Population and age structure of the goby Stigmatogobius pleurostigma (Perciformes: Gobiidae) from the Mekong Delta, 23-29. (PDF)

- Jasim M. Salman, Fikrat M. Hassan and Sara H. Abdulameer; Qualitative and Quantitative study of Epipelion algal community in Euphrates River (Al-Hussainya), Karbala Province-Iraq, 30-37. (PDF)

- Jesús Dámaso Bustamante González, Araceli Cortés García, Alejandro Ávalos Rodríguez, Gerardo Figueroa Lucero, Edith Arenas Ríos and Martha Rodríguez Gutiérrez; Semen evaluation in Chirostoma jordani (Woolman, 1894) and Chirostoma humboldtianum (Valenciennes, 1835), Mexican native species (Atheriniformes: Atherinopsidae), 38-43. (PDF)

- Mohammad Hadi Abolhasani, Niloofar Pirestani, Alireza Nehbandani and Behzad Sanatinia; Nutrient removal from municipal wastewater using mixture of two algae, Scenedesmus obliquus and Chlorella vulgaris, 44-50. (PDF)

- Sadar Aslam, Amina Zuberi and Ahmad Shoaib; Effect of experimental diets on the activities of intestinal digestive enzymes of Grass carp, (Ctenopharyngodon idella) and Silver carp (Hypophthylmichthys molitrix), 51-57. (PDF)

- Araceli Cortes García, Jesús Dámaso Bustamante González and Martha Rodríguez Gutiérrez; Seminal quality in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792) with respect to weight, 58-62. (PDF)


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