"Automatic Battery Replacement of Home Surveillance Robot using WSN"

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor & Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Nehru Institute of Technology


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) can be defined as a self-configured and
infrastructure-less wireless networks to monitor physical or environmental conditions, such as
temperature, sound, etc. Here, It is used for the automatic battery replacement of home surveillance
robot. The proposed system is composed of the surveillance robot and the docking section for the
automatic battery replacement of the surveillance robot. The palm-sized surveillance robot
communicates with the general wireless home router through Wi-Fi. It communicates with the docking
section through Zigbee and serves as a mobile sensor network gateway. The time duration capability is
a critical function for the surveillance robots and it is relied on the power supply. The charging
duration of the battery mounted in the robot is an important issue. Battery replacement of the
surveillance robot is the best solution to increase the long term activity of robots. The robot can return
to the docking section for battery replacement when the battery is too low. So the robot need not to be
turned off for long duration of time while replacing the battery. MATLAB is used to implement this
battery replacement process of surveillance robot.


Volume 12, Issue 1
International virtual conference on Newer Trends and Innovation in Nanotechnology Materials Science . Science and Technology
March 2021
Pages 741-746